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Blacks On Blondes - Spencer Bradley


Spencer Bradley - Blacks On Blondes
Released: July 5, 2022

Sometimes a girl just gets depressed and can go into severe bouts of depression. Feeling like she cannot even leave the house to face the world, little Spencer calls over her friend Mazee to have a shoulder to lean on and an ear to bend. Like a good friend Mazee heads over to her house to spend some time with the depressed Spencer. Once upon a time, Spencer's grandmother had told her the only way a woman could ever really clear a melancholy heart was to get a good hard ass reaming with a stiff cock...

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Cuckold Sessions - Kay Lovely


Kay Lovely - Cuckold Sessions
Released: July 3, 2022

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Glory Hole - Madison Morgan


Madison Morgan - Glory Hole
Released: July 2, 2022

Madison is a married and very traditional woman who very much wants to have a baby. Her Husband has a low sperm count and now is barely fucking her at all. She wants to do this the natural way so she has begun sneaking off to the Glory Hole to try to find some virile cum to give her what she needs. The much bigger cocks than her husband doesn't hurt as well. She figures if she doesn't talk to them it's not really cheating and she sure doesn't want anyone else claiming it's their baby.

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We Fuck Black Girls - Miami Davis


Miami Davis - We Fuck Black Girls
Released: June 28, 2022

When the fever hits there is no stopping a white man. Will had the fever. That black pussy fever. From the first time he slid his cock into the gorgeous Miami Davis he was hooked and hooked good on the A-1 prime black pussy. That's what happens to a white man when he finally gets to sample some. They damn near up and lose their minds. Wives. Families. Lives. Don't matter. It's all tossed aside in that need for that sweet wet elixir. Take Will here.

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Watching My Mom Go Black - Abby Somers


Abby Somers - Watching My Mom Go Black
Released: June 28, 2022

Freddy really should learn to not bring his friends back to his house if he doesn't want his stepmother embarrassing him. Take today for example. Freddy and a couple of his teammates are just chilling out by the pool when they find his stepmom's oil she is melting for her anal sex she does with his daddy. Well daddy is at work so stepmommy Abby soon enough has picked off one of the boys to get some cock action. When Freddy and his other friend find them Abby has a cock buried up to it's balls in her mouth.

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Blacks On Blondes - Savannah Bond


Savannah Bond - Blacks On Blondes
Released: June 28, 2022

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Watching My Daughter Go Black - Reese Robbins


Reese Robbins - Watching My Daughter Go Black
Released: June 26, 2022

Jax has been working hard at building this house for Rusty. Rusty shows up to the construction site with his daughter Reese to explain to Jax that he won’t be able to make his promised payment for work done today. Jax gets visibly upset at Rusty when he hears this news. Reese who sees Jax upset tells her step dad Rusty: Dad, maybe i can fix the situation and get you a time extension if I fuck him. Before Rusty can say anything Reese approaches Jax with her proposition.

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Zebra Girls - Kylie Quinn & Alina Ali


Kylie Quinn & Alina Ali - Zebra Girls
Released: June 25, 2022

When Kylie books a vacation rental house for her trip to Los Angeles she had no idea the host was a sex crazed lesbian who had cameras set up to spy on the guests. Here was Kylie, a girl all alone, visiting with no man around. Absolute perfect target for a predatory lesbian. Alina does her usual host thing and stops by to visit and immediately puts her moves on. This always works with a young girl on her own. White girls tend to let their lesbian defenses break down very easily and soon Kylie finds herself on her back with Alina's tongue deep in her snatch.

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InterracialBlowbang Full Siterip
179 Videos | 106.05 GB


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CumBang Full Siterip
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These hot ebony babes are getting gangbanged by a bunch of redneck white guys. Watch as these girls enthusiastically suck all the white cock they can handle while getting fucked at the same time.

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Blacks On Blondes - Gia Derza


Gia Derza - Gia Derza's Second Appearance
Released: June 21, 2022

Gia is a horny housewife with some hot guy construction worker friends. Because she's feeling exceptionally naughty she sends them all a group text asking them for some help doing some 'Hammering' at her house and to dress appropriately. The guys show up with their tool belts, hardhats, and holding their Hammers and ask her what she needs 'Hammered'. She chuckles and with a sly smile says "You guys are so silly, I didn't mean I needed help hammering some wood. What I meant is that I NEED TO GET HAMMERED in all of my holes at the SAME TIME, that's why I asked ALL of you to come over and help!" With that she turns around and shows off her buttplug she's wearing and looks up at them and says "Do you think you can all help me with that?" The guys all agree and jump into the action, crazy DP, Anal, ATM, ATP sex happens and after the pop shot she looks at them and says "From now on when I send out a group text about Hammering, you guys will DEFINITELY remember what I am talking about!"

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Interracial Blowbang - Kylie Quinn


Kylie Quinn - Interracial Blowbang
Released: June 20, 2022

Kylie's mother really wants her daughter to have a beautiful mixed race baby and takes it upon herself to send an army of hot black stud suitors to her little girls' house. Now Kylie does not have the time to be going on dates with all of these men to find out which one really will be her perfect mate so she figures she has to cut to the chase quick. Now the only way to really get to know a man is to know his cock. So Kylie asks the men to pull out their man roots and let her get down to inspecting each pole.

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DogFartBehindTheScenes Full Siterip
504 Videos | 101.85 GB

Let's take you Behind The Scenes at the latest DogfartNetwork video shoot. From crazy interviews to impromptu fucking, DogfartBehindTheScenes has it all. But the updates don't stop with one site alone. A membership to DogfartBehindTheScenes get you access to all 23 sites in the DogfartNetwork. We're the biggest and best interracial network.

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Cuckold Sessions - Aria Carson


Aria Carson - Cuckold Sessions
Released: June 19, 2022

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Blacks On Blondes - Emma Starletto


Emma Starletto - Blacks On Blondes
Released: June 14, 2022

Emma was working at a local bar serving drinks. Slim Poke was chatting her up and was told that her boyfriend cheated on her and she was upset. Slim told his boys at the bar that this hot girl Emma was upset about her boyfriend. The fellas said getting a selfie with all of us would upset him and that would be good payback. Then after that Emma thought sucking five dicks would really upset him. So Emma came from around the bar and sucked all five dicks and selfied that shit. Emma got really turned on and decided to take all five guys back to her place and fuck them all and selfie that too! Emma got fucked in every position imaginable then had all five guys bust nuts on her face then sent that to her cheating boyfriend.

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Black Meat White Feet - Coco Lovelock


Coco Lovelock - Black Meat White Feet
Released: June 14, 2022

Jax was sitting around practicing his guitar playing skills when his roommate Coco asked him if she would shoot content with her for her website. Jax declined due to it being his day off and him wanting to practice guitar. Coco kept pressing Jax to fuck her so she could video it. Jax once again turned her down. As Jax was practicing guitar Coco started putting her feet on Jax’s cock. Jax ignored her and tried to continue playing the guitar but started getting a hard-on. Jax finally gave in and pulled his cock out and allowed Coco to rub it and stroke it with her feet...

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